Other Resources


USGS NWIS – The U.S. Geological Survey National Water Information System, including some rainfall, streamflow, and groundwater quantity and quality data.

Hawaiʻi Mesonet data – Links for Mesonet stations, including current conditions, 24-hour summaries, time series graphs, and the location of each station. The station data pages are maintained by Synoptic, Inc., the prime subcontractor for the National Mesonet Program.

Rainfall Atlas of Hawaii– Annual, monthly rainfall data for Hawaii, built by Dr. Thomas Giambelluca and his research group.

Atlas of Hawaiian Watersheds and Their Aquatic Resources – Characteristics of  Hawaiʻi Watersheds and their fauna.


Commission on Water Resource Management

Nā Wai ‘Ekolu

Hawaii Association of Watershed Partnerships

Professional Societies

American Ecological Engineering Society

Society of Freshwater Science

American Geophysical Union

American Fisheries Society

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