Lab Products


Lab-Monitoring Sites Map Story
The website has pictures and brief descriptions of each monitoring site. (built by Justin Higa)

Lab-Own Monitoring Sites
The website shows our monitoring data, including stream gages and weather stations. (built by Yu-Fen Huang)

Software packages and GIS layers

Hawaii Waterfall layer
assembled the locations of waterfalls from three sources – National Hydrography Dataset, the Hawai‘i Statewide GIS Program, and the World Waterfall Database, and added additional locations by visually inspected the stream network within the 129 watersheds for waterfalls using Google Earth Pro. Published in U.S. Geological Survey, Science Base.

StreamThermal: A software package for calculating thermal metrics (September 2016, R package)
This R package contains a series of functions that calculate thermal metrics in five categories of stream thermal regimes based on continuous temperature records.

A tool for aggregating upstream information of fluvial systems across large landscapes  (October 2014, .rb file)
A Ruby code that programs the upstream aggregation process for fluvial systems.
A python 3.6 code (provided in both .py and .ipynb) is a slightly modified translation of ruby code published in the manuscript, “An approach for aggregating upstream catchment information to support research and management of fluvial systems across large landscapes” (Tsang et al. 2014; DOI: 10.1186/2193-1801-3-589). The code accepts csv input of stream network information (segment id, upstream segment id, local catchment area) and outputs a hdf file that includes the following information about each stream segment: segment id, local catchment area, network catchment area, and a list of upstream segment ids.

Stream biodiversity extension software for GISHydro+2000 (April 2008, Zip format ~5.0MB)
This zip file contains the documentation, installation instructions, and an ArcView extension that interacts with GISHydro to estimate biodiversity in Maryland streams.

Stream gauges

Real-time stream monitoring stations at Poamoho stream gauge at Ewa Forest Reserve
Measuring stream water level (Since March 2018)

Real-time stream monitoring stations in upper Manoa watershed
Upstream of Ahuilama stream at Lyon Forest Reserve, measuring stream water level (Since April 2018)

Ahuilama stream at Lyon Arboretum
Measuring stream water level, and water quality – Conductivity, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Oxygen Reduction Potential, Water Temperature, Total Dissolved Solids, Salinity. (Since September 2016) Data download

Weather stations

Real-time weather station at Lyon Arboretum
Measuring rainfall, temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, soil moisture, and solar radiation (Since February 2018) Data download


NorEaST: A Stream Temperature Inventory Network and Decision Support Metadata Mapper”
The NorEaST web portal was developed to serve as a coordinated, multi-agency regional framework to map and store continuous stream temperature locations and data for New England, Mid-Atlantic, and the Great Lakes States. Stream temperature monitoring locations and metadata can be viewed for nearly 7900 monitoring locations across 22 states, contributed by 41 different organizations. (October, 2015)


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